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Eilert Sundt

(1881 - 1973)

KNS yachting magazine of April 1920 reports about one order for an 8mS for merchant Eilert Sundt to be modified and commissioned to the new international R-rule, and one order for a new international 8mR for N.N. These two yachts are Eight metres   “Verano II” (8 N11) i.e. “Snarken” and “Sildra" (8 N2).
Note: Sundt placed a new order as reported by Seilas, however, this implicated not a new yard no at Anker & Jensen AS, as the 8mS in question had been laid down in 1919 for Arne Blakstad whom most likely had registered her as sH36, named "Avance 2". As the order was cancelled, sail no sH36 was later given to Olaf Engelhardtsen and 8mS "Anchen", designed by Svenningsen and constructed by Sigurd Lie, Sarpsborg 1919.

A&J yard no 223, "Verano II" measurement  Certificate as 8mR new international, dated June 2nd 1920.

In the Olympic qualification trials she in the second race got a 3rd place after converted 8N3 "Apache" and converted 8N6"Lyn". Racing on July 23rd she likey ran into problems as she did not start the two following days. She did not return to the racing field before August 22nd, go to "Snarken history part 1"

Converted 8mS to New international, 8 N4 "Rocambole".
The same cabin roof design as modified 8mS, A&J yard no 223,8 N11 "Verano II" ,1920

sH33 "Rocambole" was laid down fall 1918 as sH31 "Sans Souci" (Johan Anker drwg. 29.11.1917 ordered by Chas W. Scappel, London/Kristiania) Order was taken over by J.A.Jespersen, Kristiania/Tønsberg whom had registered  sH33 "Rocambole". She was commissioned to the S-rule spring 919 and converted with cabin roof to New International 1920, given sail racing no 8 N4. J.A.Jespersen acquired 1920 Anker's New design 8 N2 named "Sildra" (Gold Olympics 1920). The sail nr. sH31 was given to Gunnar Rabbe, Kristiania and 8mS "Trolljo" ,as the last order of the 5, 8mS laid down in 1919 based upon Johan Ankers drwg of 27.09.1918  (yard no 227), converted to 8 N17.

Eilert Sundt (Eilert Lund Sundt), merchandiser and consul, born 1881  in Christiania (Oslo), died Oslo 1973, married in 1918 with Maria Jacoba Falsen Sundt born in Bergen 1897, died ........
They had 2 daughters Nini Sundt married Wallner, and Elina Sundt married Buchanan.

Eilert Sundts father was Einar Leschly Hansen Drejer Sundt (Christiania 1854 – Stockholm 1917) http://www.snl.no/Einar_Sundt editor of "Farmand" http://www.farmand.com/  and son of the famous Eilert Lund Sundt (Farsund 1817- Eidsvoll 1875) http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eilert_Sundt and wife Nicoline Conradine Hansen (Trondheim 1822 – Christiania 1901). 
Eilert's mother was Therese Christiane Ellingsen (Svelvik 1852 – Oslo 1935).
He had 2 sister and 2 brothers, Margaret Spørck Haslund, Anna Jacobsen, Hans Sundt and Leif Sundt.

Eilert was a sportsman known as one of Norways most skilled mountaineers in the early 1900 in addition to being a yachtsman. As a young yournalist in 1900 he climbed in the Norwegian mountains together with the famous British mountaineer and writer William Cecil Slingsby http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Cecil_Slingsby,
author of “Norway-The Northern Playground”.

For many years Eilert served as President of NTK (Norsk Tindeklubb) 1908-1911 and 1916-1918.
In 1915 Eilert together with another Norwegian, Thorleif Bache, were the first in winter time to concur the top of  Aconcagua in Argentina (6959 m above sea level and the highest mountain in America).

 Eilert took part in the celebration of William Cecil Slingsby at Frognerseteren  in 1921 when Slingsby met with King Haakon VII at the Royal Castle in Oslo.

Yachting was and still is in the interest of many in the Sundt family both in Bergen and Oslo. Eilerts relatives in Bergen, Lars Sundt and  Frithjof Sundt (1867 -1922) owner 9 meter “Bris” were among the leadership of KNS for many years in the early 1900. In1906 F. Sundt participated with "Bris" in  the regatta at Trondheimsfjorden on June 23-24th in connection with the crowning of
H.M.King Haakon VII. 

In KNS yacht register 1905 and 1906 Einar Sundt, Kristiania (Oslo) is listed as
owner of  "Molly" rated in Class 6.

Eilert himself became a member of KNS in 1906. It is told he during his younger days was crewing onboard with Johan Anker.
Eilert was consul for Norway in Argentina and present in Buenos Aires in 1911 when Roald Amundsen returned back with "FRAM" from the South Pole.
In 1919 he owns 75 sqm “Verano” (ex “Erle” , A&J 1916) before he acquires the modified S to new R international Eight Metre “Verano II”, Anker & Jensen” yard no 223, and gives her race sailing no 8 N11, 1920.

Others: Industrialist and consul for Argentina in the 1920-ties. During WWII he was part of the resistance movement and had together with his wife and youngest daughter to flee to America where they stayed in New York and Washington DC, helping out with securing supplies for Norway.

All his life he remained a sportsman and Eilert kept up with his climbing to his later days and was regular seen in Nordmarka outside Oslo. 

Winter 1920/21, 8 N11 "Verano II" is sold to shipowner Ole R. Thoresen, Kristiania (Oslo).


Eilert Sundt was named after his grandfather Eilert Sundt (1817-1875) who during his last period in life served as priest at Eidsvoll 1869 to his death in 1875. Eilert Sundt d.e. spoke at the funeral of Henrik Wergeland (1808-1845) on behalf of Christiania University Student,s Union.

has been given back her name from the first measurement certificate of June 2nd 1920.
Other names: "Siva", "Danseuse", "Fandango II", "Idyll III", "Snarken", "Elcoma", "Snarken".
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