Eight Metre "VERANO II" (Snarken)
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List A: 
S-racing sail no,  yacht name, designer, year laid down, (year launched):

sH21: "Bobo II", H.I. Svenningsen, Bygdöy 1918
sH22: "Brand V", J. Anker, Asker 1918
sH23: "Ariadne", A.von Lindholm, Copenhagen 1918
sH24: "Pingvin IV", J. Anker, Asker 1918
sH25: "Apache", J. Anker, Asker 1918
sH26: "Hei paa dig" (Vilja), J. Anker, Asker 1918
sH27: "La France" (Lyn), J. Anker, Asker 1918
sH28: "Baus II" (Njord), J. Anker, Asker 1918
sH29: "Aljuca III" (Top II), J. Anker, Asker 1918
sH30: "Bidevind", Bj. Aas, Fredrikstad 1918
sH31:" Trolljo", J. Anker, Asker 1919 (1920)
sH32: "Sif" (Borgila) C.O.Liljegren, Gothenburg 1918
sH33: "Rocambole" ("Sans Souci"), J. Anker, Asker 1918 (1919)
sH34: "Betty III" (Madelon), J. Anker, Asker 1919
sH35: "Knabb" (Cat-Is-land), J. Anker, Asker 1919
sH36: "Anchen", H.I.Svenningsen, Sarpsborg 1919
sH37: "Koh-i-Noor", J. Anker, Asker 1919
sH38: "Snarken" (Verano II), J. Anker, Asker 1919 (1920)

List B:
Construction Yard,  
Yard construction no, S-racing sail no, yacht name, year laid down:

Designer: Johan Anker, Norway
Construction Yard: Anker & Jensen Verft A/S, Vollen, Asker
Drawing dated Nov. 29th. 1917:
No. 207: sH22 "Brand V", 1918 (prototype)
No. 211: sH25 "Apache", 1918
No. 212: sH24 "Pingvin IV", 1918
No. 213: sH27 "La France" (Lyn), 1918
No. 214: sH26 "Hei paa dig" (Vilja), 1918
No. 215: sH28 "Baus II" (Njord), 1918
No. 216: sH29 "Aljuca III" (Top II), 1918
No. 217: sH33  "Rocambole", 1919 ( sH31 "Sans Souci", 1918)

Drawing dated Sept. 27th - 1918
No. 220: sH34 "Betty III" (Madelon), 1919
No. 221: sH35 "Knabb" (Cat-Is-land), 1919
No. 223: 8N11 Verano II, 1920, (sH36 "N.N" 1919), sH38 "Snarken"
No. 225: sH37 "Koh-I-noor", 1919
No. 227: sH31 "Trolljo", 1919 (1920)

Note: Listed yard no's  diverts from the list included in the book  "Johan Anker - linjenes mester" published by Cappelen, Norway.
Still around with confirmed yard no´s are 
No. 215: sH28 "Baus" 
No. 220: sH34 "Betty III" (S39 Madelon)
No. 223: sH38 "Snarken" (Verano II))

Designer: L. K. Jacobsen, Bergen, Norway
Construction Yard: Vela Baatbyggeri, Bergen
Without racing sail no:
8mS "Vela", 1919
8mS "Inger Edel", 1919

Designer: C.O.Liljegren, Sweden
Construction Yard: G.R.Liljegren, Gothenburg
sH32 "Sif" (Borgila, GKSS), 1918

Designer: A. von Lindholm, Denmark
Construction Yard: Orlogsvärftet, Copenhagen
sH23 "Ariadne", 1918

Designer: H.I.Svenningsen, Norway
Construction Yard: Herberns Baatbyggeri, Bygdöy
sH21 "Bobo II", 1918
Construction Yard: Sigurd Lie, Sarpsborg Baatbyggeri, Sarpsborg
sH 36 "Anchen", 1919

Designer: Bjarne Aas, Norway
Construction Yard: Fredrikstad Baatbyggeri, Fredrikstad
sH30 "Bidevind", 1918

List C:
Sorted by yacht name with sail no:
Ref: Data sheets.

Aku                    sH33

Aljuca III             sH29 
Amy                   sH28         
Anchen              sH36           
Apache              sH25         
Arabella             sH28         
Arabella 2           sH29         
Ariadne              sH23         
Avance 2            sH36         
Banzai II             sH24           
Baus II               sH28        8N13 
Bé-Bé                sH33         
Betty III              sH34        8N9 
Bidevind             sH30        8N8 
Bobo II               sH21         
Boreas               sH25        8N3         
Borgila               sH32         
Brand V             sH22        8 N1 
Cat-Is-Land        sH35         
Constantina        sH32         
Danseuse         (sH38)       8N11 
Dimple               sH28         
Dudu                  sH33         
Elcoma              sH38         
Encore               sH26         
Erle II                 sH27         
Falken                sH32         
Fandango II        (sH38)      
Gaia                   sH25         
Gluntan              sH32         
Hai 2                  sH33         
Harriet V             sH29         
Hawai 4              sH32
Hei paa dig         sH26
Hennessy           sH33
Idyll III               (sH38)
Ilmen 3               sH33        
Inger                  sH34        8N9
Inger Edel          8mS
Inghild                sH36         
Jeanita 2            sH28         
Knabb                sH35        8N10 
Koh-i-Noor         sH37        8N15 
Kråka IV            sH29         
La France         sH27        8N6 
Lyn                  sH27         
Madelon           sH34        8S39         
Marga              sH29         
Miranda           sH32         
N.N.                sH21         
N.N.                sH26         
N.N.                sH32         
Njord               sH28         
Nøkk 4            sH28         
Pingvin IV        sH24         
Revanche        sH33         
Rocambole      sH33        8N4 
Rural               sH26        8N5 
Sans Souci      sH31        sH33 
Sara                sH29         
Senta              sH33         
Sif                   sH32        8N14 
Siva                (sH38)       8N11 
Snarken           sH38        8N38, H38
Solgang           sH32       
Spurt IV           sH28         
Sølvi 3             sH29         
Tamara VII       sH24          
Terna 4            sH33         
Top II               sH29        8N7         
Tornado           sH24         
Trolljo III           sH31        8N17
Vela                8mS
Verano II        (sH38)        8N11

Ref: Data sheet on each sail no.

(Rev. OCO/18.08.2008)

General note: 
Please forward comments  and further information about any of the 8mS-yachts to Ole Östlund,

has been given back her name from the first measurement certificate of June 2nd 1920.
Other names: "Siva", "Danseuse", "Fandango II", "Idyll III", "Snarken", "Elcoma", "Snarken".
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