Eight Metre "VERANO II" (Snarken)
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Notification posted August 24th 2011:
As of this summer Anker & Jensen yard no 223, laid down in 1919 and modified by Johan Anker to the new International R-rule in fall 1919, launched 1920 is given back her first name as an eligible R-yacht:
"VERANO II" first sail racing no 8 N11
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Present name:             "Verano II"  ex "Snarken"
First name:                  N.N.   -   "Verano II"
Other names:               Elcoma, Idyl III, Fandango II, Danseuse, Siva     
Year laid down:            spring 1919, modified on site to international and launched 1920 
Design:                        Johan Anker, Norway, drawing date 27-09-1918    
Builder:                        Anker & Jensens Verft, Asker, Norway, yard no. 223
Fate/status:                 Cruising in good condition.
First owner:                  Engineer Arne Blakstad, Kristiania (Oslo), Norway (note 1)
Present owner:             Ole C. Östlund, Trondheim, Norway (note 7)
Present homeport:        Trondheim, Norway 
First sail no:                 sH36 ?
Other sail no:               8 N11 (note 2), sH38 (H38)        
Technical data:
Length overall:              13.70m  (13.79m, note 3) 
Length at waterline:       8.70m (8.25m, note 4)
Beam:                          2.45m
Draft:                            1.70m
Displacement:               7.0-7.4 ton
Sail area:                      75m2 (94m2, note 5)
Construction:                 Mahogany and Oregon pine, oak frames, lead keel (note 6)
Engine:                         Engine not installed (outboard on the side).
Ownership & yacht names:
1919              Arne Blakstad, Kristiania                                  "N.N"               sH36
1920              Eilert Sundt, Kristiania                                      "Verano II"       8N11
1921              Ole R. Thoresen, Kristiania
1921 - 1922    Nicolai Andresen jr., Kristiania                           ”Siva”               8N11
1922 - 1923    Dagfinn Paust, Kristiania                                   ”Danseuse”       8N11
1923 - 1925    Ole R. Thoresen, Oslo                                       “Fandango II”
1925              Melchior L. Rolfsen, Oslo
1926              Einar Pedersen, Oslo                                        ”Idyl III”
1927 - 1929    Sam Bull, Oslo
1929 - 1935    Knut Aspelin, Oslo                                            “Snarken”          sH38
1936 - 1947    Thomas Andler, Oslo                      from 1937    ”Elcoma”
1948 - 1959    E. Marcussen, Askeröy
1959 - 2000    Odd H. Östlund, Kragerö, from 1960 Trondheim   ”Snarken”
2000 - today   Ole C. Östlund, Trondheim (note 7)                                        
Notes and references:
Notes 1 & 2); The yacht was ordered by Engineer Arne Blakstad, Kristiania (Oslo) as one of 5 yachts laid down in 1919 at Anker & Jensens yard in Asker, in accordance with Johan Anker's drawing dated Sept. 9th 1918. She was given yard no. 223. The other yachts of the same drawing were yard no 220, 221, 225 and 227. Yacht no 223 remained onshore until she was launched in spring 1920. At which time she had been taken over by Mr. Eilert Sundt, Kristiania, who named her "Verano II" (ref. History part 1).

Seilas yachting magazine of April 23rd 1919 reports on page 79 about four Eight metres  being constructed at Anker & Jensens Verft in Vollen, Asker that spring, i.e.  8mS "Betty III" ordered by shipowner Jac.M. Lindvig, Kristiania, one 8mS for engineer Arne Blakstad, one 8mS for Mr. Mathias Christophersen, Tönsberg and one 8mS (owner not mentioned). The 3  yachts ordered in addition to the one ordered by Mr. Arne Blakstad, are to be known as sH34 "Betty III" (yard no 220), sH35 "Knabb" and sH37 "Koh-I-noor". 

The question is what racing sail no and name was given to the 8mS ordered by Arne Blakstad. Was first sail no sH36, name "N.N." or "Avance 2" ?, ref. Data sheet sH36. 

Another 8mS to be known as "Trolljo III", was further ordered by Mr.Gunnar Rabbe, Kristiania that summer. "Trolljo III" was given the vacant sail no. sH31 (ref. data sheets sH31 and sH33). 

The order by engineer Arne Blakstad must have been cancelled. Probably due to the ongoing discussions about revisons to the International Rule. Engineer Blakstad was in 1919 racing in the 6mR(1907) Class with L3 "Ven". 

The yacht to be known as 8m "Snarken" remains onshore until she  is taken ower by Mr. Eilert Sundt  who names her "Verano II". She is spring 1920 converted to the new R-rule of 1919 and given sail no. 8N11. Ref; Seilas yachting magazine of April 14th 1920, page 70; which reports one 8mS for Mr. Eilert Sundt laid down in accordance with last years design, to be converted to new international. Further one 8m new international for N.N. (i.e. 8N2 "Sildra").
In KNS register 1921-22 she is listed under the R(1919) Class as "Siva" ex. “Verano II” with sail no 8N11. 
Seilas Yachting magazine 1922 page 95 reports 8mR "Siva" is sold by Mr. Nicolai Andresen jr. to Mr. Dagfinn Paust, Kristiania and named "Danseuse".
In KNS register 1923-24 she is listed under the R(1907) Class as “Fandango II” without sail no. In KNS register 1925-26 she is listed as “Idyl III” in the unified R(1907) and  S(1917) Class. In KNS register 1933-34 she is listed as “Snarken” with sail no sH38. In KNS register 1976 she is listed with sail no H38.
In 1959 she was restored and rigged with the mast and sails from H19 "Lucie IV" (Johan Anker 1912, ref History part 3). During the years since 1959 she has for practical reasons used second hand sails with sail no, H19, sH38, N-8-38. Under 8mR WC at Hankø in 1983 she was listed as 8 N38.

In 1965 successful winner of the Loennechen Cup. Contender sH28 "Baus II", ref. Data sheet sH28 and History part 3.
Note 3); Overall length as new 13,79m. Due to damage in harbour some years ago (caused by another yacht), the stern has been slightly modified, the covering board at stern slendered with approx 6 cm, new overall length approx. 13.73m.
Note 4); Measured floating waterline as new 8.25m. Waterline at racing trim 8.70m
Note 5); Present sail area 75 m2.
Sail area 90,32 m2 in R(1919) certificate for “Verano II” of June 2nd 1920, rating R=7,955.
Sail area 94,21m2 in S(1917) certificate for “Verano II” of May 21st 1921 modified to 92,67m2 in S-sertificate for “Idyll III” of June 8th 1926, rating S=7,98.
For certificates see “Snarken” webpage History part 2.
At 8mR WC at Hankø in 1983 a certificate with sail area of 78.8 m2 was prepared:  Rating R(1933)=7.878

Note 6); Condition:
The hull is strengthened and in good condition. Additional woodden frames installed.  Strengthened mast foundation in steel. Diameter of keel bolts increased. Bow beam strengthened. Planking under and above water restored.
Note 7); Ownership 2000 – today:
Company OCO International Inc., USA
Flag and registration: Norway
Home Port: Trondheim
Owners Representative: Ole C. Östlund, Box 799, 7408 Trondheim, Norway
E-mail: olecostlund@gmail.com
(OCO/30-06- 2008)
(OCO/rev 24.07.2008)
(OCO/rev March 2009)
(OCO rev April 2016)

Rudder ring on yard no 223 "Snarken" ("Verano 2") Anker & Jensen Verft 1920
has been given back her name from the first measurement certificate of June 2nd 1920.
Other names: "Siva", "Danseuse", "Fandango II", "Idyll III", "Snarken", "Elcoma", "Snarken".
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