Eight Metre "VERANO II" (Snarken)
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sH22 Data sheet
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First name:                              "BRAND V"
Other names:                           
Year laid down:                         1918
Design:                                    Johan Anker, drawing dated 29-11-1917
Builder:                                    Anker & Jensens Verft, Asker, yard no 207 (prototype)
Fate/status:                              Destroyed by fire, Sydney 1961
First owner:                               Johan Anker, Norway                       
Present owner:                        
Present homeport:                    
Other sail no:                            8N1                
Technical data:
Length overall as new:                13.74 m
Freeboard as new:                       0.74 m
Sail areas new:                          97.52 m2
Rating as new:                           S=7.99
Sail area converted R(1919):        86.87 m2
Freeboard converted:                    0.73 m
Rating converted:                         R=7.94                                                           
Summary, ownership & yacht name:
1918 - 1920     Johan Anker, Christiania, Norway                                “Brand V”
1921 - 1924     Petter Andreas Larsen, Christiania, Norway
1924 - 1926     Joe Palmer, Sydney, Australia
1926 – 1961    Joseph R. Palmer, Sydney, Australia

sH22 "Brand V" as she appeared in 1918-1919
before conversion to the new R-rule

Notes and references:
“Brand V” first sail.no sH22 converted in 1920 to 8N1
Thanks to Eight Metre sailors Avia Wilment, UK and Chad Thompson NZ for providing the following historical data from Mori Flapan boatregister in NZ ;
Name: Brand V   
Later names {also Sail or Rego or Fishing No}:{4} {13}?
Material: Wood
Rig: Sloop~bm   Rig changes & identification codes: Sloop~bm b28 D.c
Type: Yacht   Propulsion: Sail
Designer: Anker & Jensen
Year built: 1918   Yard or Job No: <UNKNOWN>
Builder: Anker & Jensen
Where built: Christiania, Norway
Engines: <UNKNOWN or N/A>   
Boilers/Gearing: <UNKNOWN or N/A><UNKNOWN or N/A>
Official Number: 152021    IMO Number: <UNKNOWN or N/A>
Dimensions (ft)—Length: 37.700001 Breadth: 7.8000002  Depth: 6.4000001
Volumetric 'tonnage' measurements (1 ton = 100 cubic ft):
<UNKNOWN>  Underdeck: <UNKNOWN>   Net: 8
Decks: <UNKNOWN>   Deck Erections: FD   
Number of funnels &location: 0  Number of bulkheads: <UNKNOWN>
Tanks, etc: <UNKNOWN>   Freeboard: <UNKNOWN>
Stem: Spoon   Figurehead: Nil   Stern: Counter  

PORTS and owners: NORWAY'18: SYDNEY@'25 Joe R.Palmer: SYDNEY'26b28b29b36b46 Lieut Joseph R.Palmer

Fate/Status— Year: 1961  Type: B/U  Details: Destroyed by fire (was this intentional or accidental?)

History and details: 8-metre class. Mahogany construction, pitch pine deck. Mast 57' long. 5 berths. 1924 represented Norway in the international races for eight metre class at Cowes. Sold off because of movement to alter class measurement. First Marconi rigged yacht in Sydney. RPAYC. 1925/01/01 made debut at Pittwater regatta. Joe Palmer referred to as the Manly surf king. 1925 won RPAYC Albert Gold cup. 1925 won PAYC King Edward VII trophy. 1925 kept sailing late in season to allow viewing of the American fleet, marconi rig caused interest among US sailors. 1925/12 won Bona cup at Pittwater regatta. Sydney No.4 of 1926. J.R.Palmer was son of Joe Palmer. 1925-26 an excellent season, won King Edward VII trophy, Bona Cup, Gascoigne Cup Ocean Race, 1874 J.Jackson Cup, Aniversary regatta handicap. 1926/02 participated in Basin cup race from Port Jackson around Lion Island. 1926 moored at Manly. 1926 stored dry on Sandeman's slips during winter. 1927/01 RSYS won All Yachts Handicap in Pittwater Regatta. 1927/01 won All Yachts race in Anniversary Regatta. 1927/01(?) second in all yachts race at Balmain Regatta. 1927/02 participated in RPAYC Basin cup, retired off Barrenjoey due to split mainsail. 1927/03 third in Gascoigne cup. 1927/04 to participate in Rose Bay regatta held by RMYC of NSW. 1927 defeated by Norn to defend Sayonara cup. 1928/01/01 third in Pittwater Cup at Pittwater Regatta. 1928/01 unsuccessful contender to defend Sayonara Cup against Acrospire III (qv). 1928 won Pittwater Cup All Yachts Handicap. 1928/02/11 second in RSYS Basin Cup from Sydney to Lion Island and back. 1927-28 season with RPAYC, won Marshall Plate, second in Basin cup. 1928/11/03 particiated RPAYC Marshall Plate race. 1928/11/17 participated in race for Morna cup, beat 8 metres Vanessa (qv) &Nora (qv) . 1928/12 raced for Gascoyne cup. 1928/12 second in RPAYC Albert Gold Metal race. 1929/01/01 second in Pittwater Regatta cup handicap at Pittwater Regatta. 1929/01 won RPAYC Basin cup. 1929/01/05 won RPAYC Nossiter Cup. 1929/02/03 won RSYS Alfred Milson Memorial cup race to Lion Island. 1929/02/09 participated in RPAYC King Edward VII Trophy, never in the race because had to sail under reduced canvas in gusting ESE winds. 1929/02/16 won RSYS Boomerang cup. 1929/02/23 participated in RPAYC Rawhiti cup. 1929/03/02 participated in RSYS Revonah cup race. 1929/03/09 participated in PEYC All Yachts race. 1929/03/16 won RPAYC All Yachts race. 1929/04 equal second in NSW points score for the season. 1929/04 won RSYS Alfred Milson cup & Boomerang cup. 1929/11/30 participated in SASC annual flag day All Yachts Handicap. 1930 registered with RPAYC. 1930/01 participated in RSYS Basin cup race from Sydney to Lion Island and back. 1930/01/27 participated in RSYS Alfred Milson cup race to Lion Island &back. 1930/02/01 participated in RSYS race for Boomerang cup. 1930/03/08 second in RPAYC Nossiter cup race. Division 1 racing on Sydney Harbour in 1930's. 1936/12 racing with RPAYC. 1937/01 participated in Anniversary Regatta.

References (see http://www.boatregister.net/RANZS_References.htm <http://www.boatregister.net/RANZS_References.htm> ): Amb^1925/5(P),1925/6(P),1925/7,1925/9,1925/12,1926/2,1926/3,1926/5,1926/7,1927/2(P),1927/3(P),1927/4,1927/7,1928/1,1928/2,1928/3,1928/8,1928/12,1929/1(P),1929/2(P),1929/3(P),1929/4,1929/5,1930/1,1930/3,1930/4:CamWiklund:Dt^1936/12/10,1937/2/2(P):Jen1(P):Naa1:Ranzs28,46:Rpa1:Sam^9/2001:Ste1(P)


Research notes:
Mori Flapan
Mori Flapan's website:

has been given back her name from the first measurement certificate of June 2nd 1920.
Other names: "Siva", "Danseuse", "Fandango II", "Idyll III", "Snarken", "Elcoma", "Snarken".
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