Eight Metre "VERANO II" (Snarken)
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sH30 Data sheet
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First name:                                       “Bidevind”                            
Other names:                           
Year laid down:                                 1918   
Design:                                               Bjarne Aas                             
Builder:                                               Fredrikstad Baatbyggeri

Fate/status:                                       Unknown
First owner:                                       Henrik L. Mörch, Fredrikstad
Present owner:                        
Present homeport:                    
Other sail no:                                    8 N8               
Technical data:
Overall length as new:                     13.22 m
Freeboard as new:                          0.72 m
Sail area as new:                            89.81 m2
Rating S(1917):                              7.97
Construction:                                  Mahogany, lead keel
Summary, ownership & yacht name:
1919 - 1920           Henrik L. Mörch, Fredrikstad                  sH30/8N8  “Bidevind”
1921 - 1922           Nils Kärfve, Fredrikstad                          sH30         ”Bidevind”
1922 - 1948           Georg Greve, Kristiania, Oslo                 
1948 - 1951 -         C.O.H.Korstvedt, Oslo
     1954 -                unknown
Notes and references:
sH30 “Bidevind” is the only 8mS yacht designed by Norways famous yacht designer Bjarne Aas, and may be also his first 8m design to be constructed.
In 1920 convertion of “Bidevind” to the new R-rule of 1919 was undertaken with new sail no 8 N8.
In summary of KNS regattas 1919 she is listed in the 8mS Class with 6 starts and no prices, ref. Seilas yachting magazine of Oct. 29th 1919 page 268. Owner is Henrik L. Mörch, Fredrikstad. Total eleven (11) 8mS yachts participating in KNS regattas in 1919.
In summary of KNS regattas 1920 she is listed in th 8mR (new) Class with 2 prices (2nd and 4th price) of 4 starts. Total sixteen (16) yachts participating in the 8mR (new) Class in KNS regattas 1920. There is no separate S-Class in 1920. In the 8mR (old) R-1907 Class four (4) yachts are listed. Ref. Seilas yachting magazine of Oct. 20th 1920 page 268. Owner is Henrik L. Mörch, Fredrikstad.
In summary of KNS regattas 1921 she is listed under the 8mS Class with 1 price (5th price) of 3 starts, ref. Seilas yachting magazine of Sept. 9th 1921 page 238. Owner is Nils Kärfve, Fredrikstad. Total eleven (11) contenders in the 8mS Class this year, one (1) contender in the 8mR-1919 (new) Class i.e. "Brand VI" with Johan Anker himself, and four (4) contenders in the 8mR-1907 (old) Class.
She is not found racing in KNS regattas 1922.
KNS yacht register 1919 and 1920 has listed in Class 1 (S-1917 rule) sH30 “Bidevind” with owner Henrik L. Mörch, Fredrikstad.
KNS yacht register 1921-22 has not listed “Bidevind” neither under Class 1 (R- 1919 rule) nor Class 2 (S – 1917 rule).
Seilas yachting magazine no 6, 1922 page 47 reports that 8mS "Bidevind" is sold by Mr. Nils Kärfve, Fredrikstad to mr. Georg Greve, Bergen.
KNS yacht register 1923-24 Class 2 (S-1917 rule) has listed sH30 “Bidevind” with owner Georg Greve, Kristiania (Oslo).
KNS yacht registers 1925-1936 Class 2 (S-1917 & R 1907- rules) has listed sH30 “Bidevind” with owner Gerg Greve, Oslo.
KNS yacht registers 1937-1947 Class 2 (8 s.m. or 8s.l. or 8m Cruisers) has listed SH30 “Bidevind” with owner Georg Greve, Oslo.
KNS yacht register 1949 and 1951 have listed sH30 “Bidevind” with owner C.O.H. Korstvedt, Oslo.
KNS yacht register 1954-1958 not found.
has been given back her name from the first measurement certificate of June 2nd 1920.
Other names: "Siva", "Danseuse", "Fandango II", "Idyll III", "Snarken", "Elcoma", "Snarken".
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