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Part 3

” S N A R K E N ”
8mS & 8mR Class
Designed by Johan Anker, drwg. date 27-9-1918
Constructed by Anker & Jensen, Vollen, Asker, Norway
yard no 223, 1919 -1920
Compiled by Ole C. Östlund
Amended April 2010
1959 – 1989

sH38 "Snarken"


As she appeared in the early 1960-ties with
 rig, mast and sails from 8mR(old) H19 “Lucie IV”, Johan Anker 1912.

In summer 1959 Odd Östlund acquired "Snarken" which he during his work as DnV surveyor with office in Kragerö, on the South coast of Norway, found standing onshore in a shed on Askerøya. Her last prior name was "Elcoma" and owner Marcussen.

Odd Östlund renamed her "Snarken" (The Snark) as he found "Elcoma" to spectacular, and "Snarken" was the other name she had carried most her time in the 1930-ties. My fathers main reason for acquiring "Snarken" was her cabin top which made her lot more cruising friendly for a growing family of four. I myself was 12 years old when my father acquired "Snarken"and although I had done my first time as yachtsman 3 months old onboard the family's elder 8mR(old)  H19 "Lucie IV" (without cabin top), I had great pleasure in growing up on "Snarken".

From my fathers loggbook 1959, quote;
"Snarken" Hs38. Yacht 223 Anker & Jensen. Purchased with dinghy and sail July 1959 for Nok 9.500.
Put onshore Kittelsen yard (Risør) in August for total repair.
Agreed with Kittelsen  19/11-59 that cost is not to exceed Nok 8.000 and if less actual cost to be paid.
The new interior to be airy for easy maintenance as on "Lucie IV".
Minutes of Nov. 21.1959, witnessed by Egil Midtgaard, Ulf Faye-Schjöll and  Öyvind Mylius.", unquote.
(Egil Midtgaard was a solicitor  of profession.)


8mR (old) “Lucie IV” was designed by Johan Anker and constructed at Langesund yard in1912. She was selected to represent Norway in the Olympic games in Stockholm in 1912 together with 8mR (old) “Taifun”, Anker & Jensen 1911. The Olympic races took place in Nynäshamn outside Stockholm. For some reason “Lucie IV” did not start although she was present during the games. "Lucie IV" beat "Taifun" in  the 8mR Class in the European Race Week 1914.
“Taifun” was acquired by Wilhelm Hoff, Trondheim in 1915 and sailed for more than 5 years in mid Norway before she again was sold to Oslo. In 1917 “Lucie IV” named “Magel” followed her companion from the Olympics to Trondheim, acquired by Peder Jystad. Jystad enters into a partnership with late Ole Östlund who later become her only owner. “Magel” gets back her first name “Lucie IV”. Together with 8mR (old) “Sarina” designed by G.U.Laws and constructed at Burnham on Crouch 1912 , “Lucie IV” were the last 8mR (old) given sail racing no., i.e;

H 19 “Lucie IV",ex“Magel”, ex“Lucie IV”, owner Jystad & Östlund, Trondheim, H 20 “Sarina”, owner Bernhard Wessel, Bergen. The first S-Eight given sail no sH20 "Borgila" GKSS was acquired by shipowner Haraldson in Norway and given sail no sH 32 named "Sif".

Bernhard Wessel sailed in the late 1920-ties “Sarina” north from Bergen to Trondheim where she remained until she was sold to Stockholm, Sweden in the 1960ties. Her faith in Stockholm is unknown?
 “Lucie IV” remained in the Östlund family, she was handed ower from late Ole Östlund to his son Odd Östlund. 8mR (1912) "Lucie IV" had under the ownership of Ole and Odd Östlund been upgraded with the Development in the International R-rule. 

"Lucie IV" (Anker 1912)  in 1918 With her New main sail by late Ole Östlund (1874-1967)

8mR "Lucie IV" (Anker 1912) in 1925 With her Bermuda main (2nd R-rule of 1920 :max height of main above deck = 2xL.W.L.)

8mR "Lucie IV" (Anker 1912) around 1930 With Genua (2nd R-rule allowed from Jan 1st 1926 use of overlapping jib - Genua - without penalty)

8mR "Lucie IV" (Anker 1912) With her New mast (design Estlander 1930?) in 1931 (2nd R-rule was in 1928 ammended With max height of main sail 2xR+1 above deck).

8mR "Lucie IV" (Anker 1912 flush deck) racing sail no H19 in 1947 raced by Odd Östlund. On Picture fitted out With solid wooden mast from 8mR "Ninni" as her New mast from before the War was broken, and "Ninni" was not in good condition after the war. For more on Odd Östlund og to http://snarken.page.tl/Odd-H-.---Oe-stlund.htm

 In 1956 Odd östlund sailed 8mR "Lucie IV" (Anker 1912) from Trondheim to Gothenburg in. Odd Östlund was at that time DnV surveyor in Gothenburg. In 1957 “Lucie IV” returned to Trondheim before she the following year in 1958 was sailed to Kragerö in southern Norway. In 1959 she won her Class in the Færdern regatta and became second all over. http://snarken.page.tl/Log-Lucie-IV.htm

The same fall she was put onshore, dismantled, her lead keel chopped up and sold and all equipment, rig, mast and sails made available for 8m “Snarken”.  The old sails on "Snarken" ("Elcoma") was in less good condition compared to the present sails on "Lucie IV" and the mast was shorter. As such "Snarken" was in 1960 rigged with the mast and sails from "Lucie IV" . When 8mR "Sarina" after several years onshore at Kyrksæterøra,  again entered the water in the early 1960ties she in understanding with my father was rigged with the original mast from "Snarken".
 1st prize, Class II
Odd Östlund with H19 “Lucie IV” won Class II in the Färdern regatta 1959,
 the same summer he acquired sH38 “Snarken”.
Racing crew; Odd Östlund, Egil Midtgaard, Öyvind Mylius and Ulf Faye Schöll, Kragerö.

Odd Östlund
for many years skipper onboard Eight Metres ”Lucie IV” and“Snarken”
Picture taken onboard "Snarken" in the Trondheims fjord early 1960-ties.

"Snarken” launched in Ilsvika, Trondheim, getting ready for a new season.

 sH38 “Snarken”.
Photo taken mid 1960-ties leaving Trondhjem Yachtclubs Clubhouse at Tautra,
crossing “Strindfjorden” bound for Trondheim harbour.

returning to home port Trondheim from race week in Molde.
Picture taken in the outlet of the Trondheimsfjord

1918 -1965

sH38 "Snarken" and sH28 "Njord" racing in NFSU (mid Norway race week) in Trondheim 1965 
for the Loennechen Cup, N.L. Class


The Julius Loennechen cup was raced for in over a period of 47 years in Mid Norway starting 1918. Odd Östlund finally won the Cup in 1965 with sH38 “Snarken”.  Main contender that year was sH28 “Njord”, first name “Baus” designed by Johan Anker in 1917 and constructed by Anker & Jensen 1918.

Odd Östlund had previously won the Loennechen Cup in 1947 and 1948 with 8mR(old) H19 "Lucie IV" taken over from his father late Ole Östlund. During WWII "Lucie IV" had been pulled 200 m up from the shore into the field and placed under cover aside a barn at Smaaland in the Trondheimsfjord. While many other yachts in Trondheim lost their bled keels to the Germans, "Lucie IV" kept hers. After the war racing picked up again. In the late 1930-ties Odd Östlund while he was working at the Navy yard in Horten had glued up a lightweight (min 145 kg) hollow spar for "Lucie IV". Standing at the slipway, masted, and ready for going to 1948 raceweek in Aalesund  "Lucie IV"  during launching overturned and her hollow mast broke in three pieces.  8m "Ninni II" was not in good shape after the War and "Lucie IV" was offered to take over her solid wooden mast. The same mast which today is onboard "Snarken". The top is lengthened and forward pointing spreaders mounted to stiffen the top.

8m "Ninni II" 1939
Owner Wilhelm Hoff
Constructed Drammen 1913

Julius Loennechens Cup
Winner 3 times Odd Östlund (1910 - 2008)
NFSU in Trondheim        1965: sH38 ”Snarken”, Odd Östlund, Trondheim  
NFSU in Aalesund          1948: H19 ”Lucie IV”, Odd Östlund, Trondheim
NFSU in Trondheim        1947: H19 “Lucie IV”, Odd Östlund, Trondheim
Other winners:
NFSU in Aalesund          1939: 8m “Ninni II”, Wilhelm Hoff, Trondheim
NFSU in Aalesund          1937: 8m “Ninni II”, Wilhelm Hoff, Trondheim
NFSU in Trondheim         1935: ”Plaisir”, H. Rohde-Hansen, Kristiansund N.
NFSU in Trondheim         1930: ”Doris”, Nilsen Hauge, Kristiansund N.
NFSU in Molde               1929: ”Selja”, Backer, Kristiansund N.
NFSU in Kristiansund N. 1927: ”Selja”, Harald Börseth, Kristiansund N.
NFSU in Kristiansund N. 1922: “Selja”, Harald Börseth, Kristiansund N.
NFSU in Kristiansund N. 1918: “Jack”, B. Solem – A. Harang, Trondhjem

H19 "Lucie IV" 8mR(old)
racing in NFSU 1947 in Trondheim
Owner Odd Östlund


1917 - 1935

In 1917 the Royal Norwegian Yachtclub (KNS) graciously presented to Trondhjems Seilforening (TSF) a Cup to be raced for in the 8mR Class.

The KNS/TSF 8mR (old) Cup
Winner 3 times Ole Östlund (1874-1967)
Winner in 1917 was 8mR “Taifun” with her new owner H.M.Hansen, Trondhjem, previous owner Wilhelm Hoff. In 1919 the winner was 8mR “Lucie IV” with owners Peder Jystad & Ole Östlund (my grandfather). Ole Östlund and 8mR “Lucie IV” took home the cup with two more winnings in 1925 and in 1935.

Ole Östlund 1874 -1967

8mR (old) "Lucie IV" Anker 1912 
as she appeared with her hollow wooden mast
and local sail no T3 (Trondheim 3) 
1939 - 1947
(mast broken when overturning on slipway early 1948)

8mR(old) H19 "Lucie IV" with new mast and sail plan 1931

H19 "Lucie IV" in 1927-1930

"Lucie IV" on the Trondheimsfjord around 1930. My father Odd Östlund at the helm and my grandfather Ole Östlund at the main boom.

"Lucie IV" in 1925 with her Bermuda main sail.

8mR (old) "Lucie IV" ex "Magel" ex "Lucie IV"
Johan Anker 1912

23.07.1910 - 24.03.2008

Odd H. Östlund 23.07.1910 - 24.03.2008.
Honorary Member of Trondhjems Yacht Club (TSF)

sH 38 "Snarken"
Trondheim harbour, Munkholmen at starboard.
Picture taken mid 1960-ties.

Trondheimsleia 1970.
 Odd Östlund at the helm and crew Arne Grönning (left) and Anders Gelein.
Behind the camera, Roar Hoff.

1978 "Snarken" with Odd & Else Östlund

Odd Östlund cruising & racing with 
"Snarken" on the Trondheimsfjord during the 1970-80ties.
"Hopla" around the fjord regatta

After racing in "Hopla"


"SNARKEN" 1982

In 1983 my father age 73 set sail for 8mR WC at Hankø.
With two youngsters onboard he made the journey from Trondheim around southern part of Norway to Hankö in 19 days.

Setting sail for Hankö 27.06.1983 (picture Adresseavisen)
Odd Östlund, Harald Berget, Haakon Östlund

Go to LINKS: "Snarken" to 8mR WC Hankö 1983 (in Norwegian).

The "old pantry"

July 1989 my father and I sailed "Snarken" from Trondheim to Kristiansund
for NFSU (Mid Norway Race week) 1989.

We managed to recruit "racing" crew from the
Gikling family onboard "ROA"

From left; Me, Haavard & Hans Gikling.

From left; Mrs Gikling, my father & Anders Gikling.

"ROA" leaving Kristiansund after races.

March 24th 2008, close to age 98, 
my father Odd H. Östlund started his journey with St. Peter to his last safe haven.

Lest opp av presten under bisettelsen i Ilen kirke, Trondheim

---  000  ---



"You will always be with us !"

---------   000   ---------

(OCO June 2008)
has been given back her name from the first measurement certificate of June 2nd 1920.
Other names: "Siva", "Danseuse", "Fandango II", "Idyll III", "Snarken", "Elcoma", "Snarken".
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